As employers are looking to hire workers with advanced degrees and technical skills, the need for workers to further their education grows. Whether that is a traditional 4 year degree, an advanced degree such as a masters or doctorate, or technical schooling/certification–further education is needed to become competitive in the present work culture. Since more education is being required of workers, we have seen a rise in students looking for flexible options to allow them to pursue the schooling they need to succeed in their field. Online education is a fantastic option that allows students to pursue their education while also maintaining a flexible schedule and the ability to study at home. But before you make any decisions about enrolling for classes, take a look at the 3 things you need to know about the benefits of online education


Online education is a growing field in education


When online education first started gaining steam, people were under the impression that this was some kind of fad or phase that students were going though. But with each passing year more and more students are opting for online education and more programs are being developed. Online education is here to stay which means that the credibility of these programs is being recognized. It’s a myth to believe that programs operated either partially or completely online are somehow a trend for our times when the fact is that this is a rapidly growing field in education. And it’s easy to see why! Institutions don’t have to provide physical space for these courses to take place, which can ease the burden of some of the overhead required to keep schools going. Further, since students are clearly realizing the benefits of online education, enrollment increases as well. Which means that there is a lot of incentive to keep growing online programs.

Online education can be just as effective as in person classes


Online education gets a bad rap for being the “easy” alternative to traditional face-to-face classes. Their thinking seems to be that because a course is online it is easy to cheat or to be lazy and still pass the class. The fact is that online classes are no easier than traditional classes. As mentioned before, online classes require self discipline and self motivation which can be difficult to navigate. The online coursework itself can be just a rigorous and demanding as any other traditional course. You will receive just as good an education for choosing an online program versus a traditional program provided it is an accredited program. That’s why it’s important to really do your homework when considering what online programs to enroll in. Make sure to contact program faculty and find out more about any program you’re considering. Finding reputable programs matters when looking for an effective online option. Once you find the right program it’s all up to you. When it comes to education you get what you put into it. So work hard and I can guarantee that you will learn just as much with online education.


 Online education is flexible, but requires self discipline

It can be easy to think that online education is easy. I get it–you can participate in classes at home in you pjs if you want to! But that’s not the point. Online education requires a tremendous amount of self discipline because you are at home. It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus when you are trying to work from home. So if you’re considering enrolling for online classes seriously think about your ability to work diligently from home. Are you the kind of person who can set aside time to focus on your coursework? Or would you be easily distracted by everything accessible to you in your home? Think kids, roommates, access to NetFlix or other tempting distractions. One of the many  benefits of online education is that it’s great for being flexible, but can be difficult to implement if you can’t commit.



Benefits of online education

What it all comes down to with online education is making sure that you have the self determination to commit to the program and making sure the program itself is accredited. Online education has made schooling available to people who would have otherwise had no option. It is amazing to have options to consider when looking to improve your life, further your education, and become skilled in whatever field you want to pursue. So whether you are thinking of online options for yourself or encouraging someone you know, rest assured there are some great options out there to consider.

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